Newspaper headlines: Bridge over Channel and Prince William's haircut

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Boris Johnson has raised the prospect of building a bridge over the English Channel with his French counterpart, according to the Daily Telegraph. It says Mr Johnson said it was “ridiculous” that France and the UK are linked “by a single railway”.

i newspaper

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The i newspaper also leads on the summit between Britain and France, hailing a “new entente cordiale”. There is new cooperation over French troops fighting in Africa and the loan of the Bayeux Tapestry but France still had a “tough message” over Brexit, it says.

The Times

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City traders are “getting away with abuse of markets”, is the front page story of the Times. It says an investigation has found “white-collar criminals are acting with impunity”, with fewer than 10 prosecutions for insider trading over the past five years.

The Guardian

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An interview with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn makes the front page of the Guardian. In it, the paper says he hits out at the reasons behind the collapse of Carillion and vows to halt what he called an “outsourcing racket”.

The Sun

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Prince William’s haircut is the focus of the Sun’s front page. It says the Duke of Cambridge spent £180 on his “number one buzz cut”. “Hairless to the throne” is the paper’s tongue in cheek strap line.

Daily Mirror

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“God shave the King”, is how the Daily Mirror reports on the story. It also warns the UK’s winter flu outbreak could reach “epidemic proportions within two weeks”, with 8.3m people estimated to be suffering symptoms.

Daily Mail

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The Daily Mail leads on a story about a long-serving interpreter who worked with the British Army in Afghanistan. It says he has not been allowed into the UK, a decision the former head of the military says he is “ashamed of”.

The Metro

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The Metro leads on an alleged “£2m gem raid” of former BHS owner Sir Philip Green’s daughter-in-law. It says a burglar targeted her home while she was in the shower.

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The Financial Times says Emmerson Mnangagwa, Zimbabwe’s new president, has signalled a break with the previous Robert Mugabe era by inviting UN missions to monitor this year’s elections.

Daily Express

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Playing your favourite music can help beat the effects of dementia, according to the Daily Express. Familiar music can help “jump-start” memories, the paper adds.

Daily Star

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“Chaos as monster storm lashes UK” is the front page headline of the Daily Star. Experts are warning there could be more bad weather to come, it says.

The Anglo-French summit makes the lead for a number of the papers.

The i newspaper has the headline: “New entente cordiale”. However, it says the love-in lasted only until French President Emmanuel Macron delivered a tough message to the UK on Brexit.

For the Daily Telegraph, the most eye-catching suggestion was Boris Johnson’s idea that Britain and France should build a bridge over the Channel.

However, the HuffPost website says the foreign secretary’s proposal faced instant mockery by many – including the shipping industry.

The UK Chamber of Shipping pointed out that building a huge concrete structure in the middle of the world’s busiest shipping lane “might come with some challenges”.

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Jeremy Corbyn tells the Guardian that Labour will halt what he calls the “outsourcing racket” exposed by the collapse of Carillion.

In an interview, he promises to re-write the rules to “give the public back control of their services.”

The paper says Carillion’s collapse has emboldened Mr Corbyn to press home his message that Labour rejects the “dogma of privatisation”.

Elections in Zimbabwe

An interview with Zimbabwe’s new president, Emmerson Mnangagwa, is the lead for the Financial Times.

It says he’s signalled a clean break with the past and a desire to re-engage with the West by inviting the UN, the EU and the Commonwealth to monitor the country’s elections this year.

He tells the paper: “We want fair, free, credible elections.”

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The flu outbreak is reported on a number of front pages.

The Daily Mirror’s main story says that if present trends continue, an epidemic could be declared across England within a fortnight.

According to the Daily Telegraph, health officials had been fearful about the impact of the so-called “Australian flu”.

Bit it says it is another strain, known as “Japanese flu” that’s dominating – and it is not covered by the vaccines most patients have received.

Interpreter anger

The former head of the military, Lord Richards, tells the Daily Mail he is ashamed of the government’s decision not to allow the British armed forces’ longest-serving Afghan interpreter into the UK.

The paper says the interpreter – known as Ricky – worked for the British military in Afghanistan for 16 years and was described by senior British officers as showing “unfailing loyalty”.

A Number 10 spokesman tells the paper that more than 390 former Afghan staff and their families have been relocated to the UK, and over 40 more are expected to follow.

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Finally, take your pick of the royals on the front and inside pages.

There are many pictures of Prince Harry and fiance Meghan Markle “wowing the crowds” – as the Telegraph puts it – on their visit to Cardiff.

The Sun says centuries of royal tradition were melted as Miss Markle brought the warmth of modern celebrity to adoring crowds.

The Daily Mail reports that she signed autographs – not something that members of the royal family usually do – and even took part in a group hug.

There’s also widespread interest in the Duke of Cambridge’s new closely-cropped hairstyle, which was on show during an engagement in London yesterday.

The Sun says he took the plunge with a “number one buzz cut”. The Times and the Mirror both have the same headline

“God shave the King!”

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